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About us

Convinced by the importance of design we have assembled our complementary strengths within Global Design. 


We offer this dynamic energy since more than 20 years to our customers from different backgrounds.


This structure is composed of three experienced people which offers you a multiple, rigorous and complete reflection to shape your ideas.


We supervise your projects from the first reflections until its production and launching on the market. 

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Our approach

Our approach is global. We based our interests in your company rather than in your product only. 

We do not create our product but yours, the one that your customers expects. 


This product will meet the user’s needs and desires. It will meet your company’s specific expectations by incorporating your brand image and sustainable development. 


Our primary concern is to establish an adequate development strategy, whether it is dedicated to export or to the internal market. The analysis of your project and its characteristics will allow us to define the bases, then the logic and our experience will guide us to create a relevant and sustainable response.


The development of your product is done step by step, together.


Inventiveness, cooperation and consultation are the drivers of your innovation


Your knowledge of the market will guide our creativity. The realization of the project will be done in a natural, rigorous, worked and innovative way.


Your customers will then spontaneously appropriate this solution made for him. 

This perception of design must reflect all the positive values we have put in it.

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Our Team

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Dimitri Gangolf

Product Designer

Expert AWEX

+32 (0)495 53 53 21


frédéric beck

Technical consultant

+32 (0)495 20 56 31

Our complementarity at the service of your company, your product, and your philosophy to offer you a global solution. 

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Philippe Simon

Product Designer

Graphic Designer

Motion Designer

+32 (0)4 253 24 11

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Bernard Boonen

Graphic Designer

+33 7 68 12 15 99

+32 (0)477 34 85 20

jen3 .jpg

Jennifer Rivera

Commercial manager

+32 (0)465 80.95.20

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